Established in 2008 Liverpool Animal Minding is run by Dave Callender and Caroline Taylor. Dave has worked at Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre since 1987 and still runs their feral cat programne with Cats Protection sponsorship.

Caroline Taylor has worked with many animal charities and now devotes her time to Garston cat charity.

We walk them, we home board them, we look after your houses and your cats when you are away. We are on call seven days a week across Merseyside.

We are the flexible pet carers, professional, knowledgeable and safe.



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The majority of our clients are busy professionals; teachers, solicitors, nurses and managers. Many of them run their own businesses and their pets are a key part of their family. Their lives are incredibly busy. It is our task to ease those short term pressures that crop up sometimes at short notice. We are nannies and proud to be so

For your peace of mind we have full public liability insurance cover up to £2,000,000, full cover for injury and damage to third party persons and third party property up to the value of £2,000,000.

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I work long full-time hours and did not want to leave my very lively but loveable Kerry Blue Terrier, Lulu, home alone for long periods of time. As soon as I got Lulu home as a young puppy, I contacted Dave to discuss his day care arrangements and was very impressed by his flexibility and professionalism. Lulu is a much cherished member of the family and as soon as I met Dave, I knew he would look after her properly and provide a safe environment for her in my absence. Lulu is nearly two now and remains in day care with Dave during weekdays, which she absolutely loves and runs to the door barking and wagging her tail when I mention his name or she hears his van. Lulu is not a fan of being left home alone and can be a typical ‘terrier’ on occasions (e.g. strong willed and spirited, etc.), however, Dave is fantastic with her and is very accommodating of individual requirements. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dave and the services he offers, he is a genuinely nice guy, reliable, trustworthy and professional and I can relax during the day knowing Lulu is with him. During the time Dave has looked after Lulu, he has never had a day off that wasn’t pre-planned and will also accommodate any change in my working patterns without hesitation – he is simply fantastic and I’d be lost without him. Cheryl and Lulu.
— Cheryl and Lulu

We have been using Liverpool minding service for the last few months and have nothing but praise. Due to occasional work commitments, little Murphy, our Labrador puppy needs company one or two days a week. Dave is excellent with him and I can see that he is in good hands. We were apprehensive at first, sending Murphy off without us but when Dave comes to pick him up in his van, he doesn’t even give us a second glance anymore as he runs out to greet him. Murphy always comes home knackered having had a fun filled day out with all of his new friends. We even get a photo of him during the day which is lovely. We usually only know the week before, what days we need Murphy to be looked after and its never a problem. Great service and would highly recommend.
— Elaine, Anne and Murphy



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