about us


Liverpool Animal Minding is run by Dave Callender who worked at Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre from 1987 and ran their feral cat program with Cats Protection sponsorship to 2018

Caroline Taylor has worked with many animal charities most recently Garston cat charity.

Both Caroline and Dave are used to dealing with petcare professionals, they have spent years juggling the needs of many needy animals, coping with the stresses of the rescue environment as well as the concerns and worries of new adoptees whilst settling animals into new homes.


"My promise to you is to bring my twenty five years of dog and cat working experience to you, your home and your pet. I have offered this service and ran this business for ten years since 2008.

I have slowly grown and nurtured this business and made it into something I am proud of.

I am a family man with seven grandchildren who can be easily spotted out and about pottering with all his dogs or engaging with one of the grandchildren.

I have built a personalised business, tailored to my clients’ needs and adaptable to fit your busy working life.

I am the consummate Liverpool pet nanny with a loyal band of fun day dog walk regulars and only take on four to six new clients each year.

You will meet me, quiz me, tell me what you are looking for and I will honestly tell you there and then if I can accommodate you.

My credentials within the Liverpool veterinary community as well as the dog and cat rescue community are impeccable."


– Dave Callender


Dave's Experience

1998 to 2000
Kennel manager Freshfields Rescue

2000 to 2002      
Cattery manager Freshfields Rescue

2002 to 2008      
Site Manager Freshfields Rescue

2008 to 2018      
Linacre cat neuter project co-ordinator

2015 to 2018      
Rescue Me Trustee

2008 to 2018     
Owner Liverpool Animal Minding