Frequently asked Questions.

When can we meet to discuss our pet?

  • Call me when you are ready, happy to pop over and introduce myself, meet the family and take some notes so we can draw up a plan

Does my pet have to be neutered?

  • Yes please

Does my pet need to have a full current vaccine?

  • Yes please

What age can you take my dog out with you?

  • Any age over about 18 to 20 weeks I will house visit daily but only walk individually until at least 24 weeks and neutered then integrate happily and slowly with my regulars

My dog is unsociable and does not like other dogs, will you take her on?

  • Sorry, no. My regulars are a fun, happy bunch with good play instincts and I want to keep it like that

How will you keep my house keys secure?

  • Most of my clients do not need me to have their keys. Those that I do have are for short fixed periods, are colour coded, with no identity marks on them and are kept secure in my house

Do you have many dogs at the same time?

  • A good day average is four to seven. I only ever have one new client dog at any one time. I commit to no more than four or five new clients each year because I have a good loyal and happy bunch of regulars

Will you let my dog off the lead?

  • Yes once bonded with me and only with the consent of the owner

Will you pick my dog up early?

  • Yes, no extra charge, most clients I collect and I will drop back home at a pre-arranged time. It is a personalized service to suit you

Can I call and see your house?

  • Of course, most new clients pop out and want to see our place on Bentley Rd

Will my dog get upset when I am away?

  • There is always a degree of stress the first time a new client comes out with me. My task is to hurdle that stress barrier and make the stay fun so they want to come back and tear around with my regulars. It’s a home to home experience

Do you use cages?

  • No cages, no pens, no kennels, no confinement

Can I have some feedback for the first few days my dog is with you?

  • Absolutely, photos, fun reports, they are part of the system that all are new clients expect and are glad to get. Most of this is done via my instagram and facebook account

What happens if my pet gets ill whilst I am away?

  • I have my own vet accounts and will deal with any veterinary problems straight away. You are giving me responsibility to look after your pet which means that I deal with all the issues that may come up


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