Liverpool pet walking ; November 2018

Winter beckons, the gales are upon us, the leaves are gone, the woodland skeletal scaffolding of tomb grey limbs poke into the skies. All colours have now left our landscapes. There is still great charm in our woods for those of us who daily roam with our little regular packs of faithful doggy friends, the trees show their real shapes, the woods are lighter, breezier and you can spot moving birds so much more readily

Not for us the sedate turf of Liverpool’s urban parks, we prefer somewhere a little more wild, adventurous, lonely even. Most days we can be out for a couple of hours and maybe spot a couple of people in the distance….and that is it. Solitude, we don’t bother anyone if we have six or seven dogs out with us and we all feel great when we get back to the van, turn on the heating and settle down to heading back home after a couple of treats. The weak winter sunshine highlights the dunes landscape over Formby

david callender