Liverpool doggy day trips ; Spring snow games 2018

In the space of a week, my dogs have been rolling in three inches of snow to gallivanting around in spring sunshine. We have had the extremes of winter mixed in with the start of spring blooming and the dogs feel that change just like me. All around us its reflected in what we see and hear. So the first coltsfoot yellow flowers appeared on clustery stalks, leafless but a bright lemony floral display. Birds are moving northwards to breeding grounds. On Saturday there were 45 plus golden plover feeding on the Otterspool playing fields as we slowly walked between them with four dogs, none fleeing us, just parting and sideways stepping to keep a modicum of distance. I have never seen so many close up, their breeding plumage starting to come through. Curlews were out in force on Friday in two distinct groups at Sefton on the stubble numbering maybe 35, remaining in the field on the edges as we weaved our six dogs without forcing them to abandon their chosen spots. The freeze on Thursday was unexpected and we were keen as mustard to get out into the three inches; it was melting by two in the afternoon. Most of my dogs adore the snow, either rolling in it, sliding in it, scampering around in it or shoving their noses right into it. Doggy Day Trips in the snow!!!

david callender