I work long full-time hours and did not want to leave my very lively but loveable Kerry Blue Terrier, Lulu, home alone for long periods of time. As soon as I got Lulu home as a young puppy, I contacted Dave to discuss his day care arrangements and was very impressed by his flexibility and professionalism. Lulu is a much cherished member of the family and as soon as I met Dave, I knew he would look after her properly and provide a safe environment for her in my absence. Lulu is nearly two now and remains in day care with Dave during weekdays, which she absolutely loves and runs to the door barking and wagging her tail when I mention his name or she hears his van. Lulu is not a fan of being left home alone and can be a typical ‘terrier’ on occasions (e.g. strong willed and spirited, etc.), however, Dave is fantastic with her and is very accommodating of individual requirements. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dave and the services he offers, he is a genuinely nice guy, reliable, trustworthy and professional and I can relax during the day knowing Lulu is with him. During the time Dave has looked after Lulu, he has never had a day off that wasn’t pre-planned and will also accommodate any change in my working patterns without hesitation – he is simply fantastic and I’d be lost without him. Cheryl and Lulu.
— Cheryl and Lulu
We have been using Liverpool minding service for the last few months and have nothing but praise. Due to occasional work commitments, little Murphy, our Labrador puppy needs company one or two days a week. Dave is excellent with him and I can see that he is in good hands. We were apprehensive at first, sending Murphy off without us but when Dave comes to pick him up in his van, he doesn’t even give us a second glance anymore as he runs out to greet him. Murphy always comes home knackered having had a fun filled day out with all of his new friends. We even get a photo of him during the day which is lovely. We usually only know the week before, what days we need Murphy to be looked after and its never a problem. Great service and would highly recommend.
— Elaine, Anne and Murphy
Misty is a dog who had already been in rescue twice by the time she was 9 months. We’ve had some challenges and it’s been a learning curve but Dave has been very patient (with us both). He’s been incredibly flexible so that we could establish a routine that works for us. It’s lovely to see how excited my dog is when Dave arrives. She happily leaves with him and gets in the van without even a backward glance (that took a bit of getting used to)! She not only benefits from the exercise but also gets to mix with other dogs so she’s really well socialised. I have every confidence in Dave and know that Misty will be safe, well cared for and will have fun. I am happy for him to have a key to my house and collect/drop off Misty in my absence. This means that I can leave the house and avoid (some of) the traffic, making life a lot easier. If only he’d do the dishes too...
— Sarra and Misty
My partner and I work full time and knowing that our 12 month old cockerpoo, Betsy is in safe hands whilst having lots of fun and interaction with other dogs is reassuring. Betsy has some separation and anxiety issues and we had a dogsitter previously but Betsy is very sociable and loves nothing more than playing with other dogs. Finding Dave has been a amazing not only is Betsy having her play and exercise needs met she is learning to share her attention with other dogs which is helping us work on her separation/anxiety issues. We couldn’t be happier with the service we receive from Dave, he collects and drops Betsy off. Betsy waits in anticipation at the window and becomes so excited when she hears Dave’s van of a morning, so we know how much she is enjoying her adventures!! Sometimes we have changed arrangements at short notice and Dave has always been flexible and reliable, he is contactable during the day so in the earlier days I would often send a text to see how Betsy was doing, Dave always gets back to me with an update including photo and videos!! We genuinely couldn’t recommend Dave enough, you can see that his passion is animals therefore we feel completely reassured that Betsy is having the time of her life when out with Dave and her doggy friends, thanks Dave
— Diane, Cheryl and Betsy
They all think their Christmases have come at once when you arrive’ 31/3/2015 ‘I can’t believe the difference in them. I came home and they were so relaxed but worn out, your tried and tested combo ois obviously perfect for them! Thanks so much again’ 23/2/2015 ‘You are being renamed in our house- the dog whisperer! I’ve just come home to two very tired, chilled out and calm dogs! Thank you so much for having them.’ 23/2/2015
— Christine, Nick, Pip and Bailey
My partner and I returned to Dave for walking our dog Dexter, after returning to full time work after studying at Uni. Which meant I was usually home most of the day. This meant a big change for all of us!. Dexter has really come on leaps and bounds with Dave and really loves the interaction with other dogs that he gets on his daily walks. Dave’s knowledge of dogs and his relationship with Dexter is really important to us. It’s really reassuring to know I can go to work and know Dexter is not only in safe hands, but also gets to go to the beach too (Dexter’s favourite place). Dexter looks forward to his walks and I look forward to getting weekly updates from Dave on how Dexters been doing. Coming home to a really happy and tired dog from his adventures with Dave really helps after a hard days work. Dave has also been really accomodating to any changes we have needed to make at short notice, giving us greater flexibility in arrangements Having Dave as our dog walker gives me complete peace of mind when I am work, that he is getting the care and attention he needs. Thank you Dave :) Best wishes, Emma, Billly & Dexter
— Emma
Professional, reliable, flexible and very experienced Dave is the best dog walker that we have ever had. We contacted Dave at short notice 8 months ago to help walk our rather fussy rescue lurcher. Dave befriended him instantly, and then when a terrified greyhound girl arrived rather unexpectedly a few months later, Dave took this in his stride too! There were some initial settling-in difficulties between the two hounds, so we asked Dave for his assessment. His advice proved to be spot on. Dave tailored his walks according to to each individual dog’s needs and has also helped improve each dog’s recall. The lurcher sustained a minor skin wound whilst out with Dave one day, this was not Dave’s fault, however Dave calmly rearranged his schedule, took the dog to his own vet and then text messaged us to say he ahd sorted it all out. Now we have two fantastic hounds, that get along fine together and really enjoy running off-lead with Dave three times a week. They leap up when they hear him coming in, they pretty much come back when called, and they both look healthy and happy. We are exceptionally pleased with Dave’s professional service, he has been 100%reliable to date. If he is planning to be away he always provides cover and brings the appointed person to meet the hounds beforehand so everyone knows what to expect. If we need extra walks he is happy to accomodate this if he can. He is also an all round really nice guy. We, and the hounds, couldnt be happier.
— Helen and Saye Khoo
Dave of “liverpool animal minding” has been walking my dog Barney since I adopted him in November 2013. He has been an amazing help to me as I work full time, sometimes with rota changes at short notice. Despite this, it is never too much trouble to rearrange or schedule a walk! It is obvious to me how much he (and his colleagues!) love all types of animals, and when I have seen Dave with Barney it is obvious Barney adores him! I can totally rely on him to look after Barney, and couldn’t recommend “liverpool animal minding” more. I am certain that working full time and owning a dog would be much more stressful if I didn’t have this back up!
— Amy Hill
Dave offers a second to none service, 100% reliable, always happy! Coco is always very excited to see ‘Uncle Dave’ and we know she has been well exercised as her snores can be quite loud when she arrives back home! Having a Dalmatian and a new baby we needed someone like Dave to help us out, really happy that we found him.
— Steph, John and Bella
Both my husband and I work full time and did not like the idea of leaving our new GSD puppy at home alone for long periods of time. Due to this situation we decided to look for Day Care. Our main criteria was to locate an honest, reliable and trustworthy individual who we would feel happy leaving Dakota with on a day to day basis. In addition it was imperative Dakota felt secure and happy with who ever we selected. I am pleased to say we have found all and more of these important qualities in Dave. From our initial consultation session it was clear Dave was the perfect choice for us. Dakota is one of Dave’s regular day dogs and has been lucky enough to also go on holiday with himself and his pack. I can rest assured during my hours in work that Dakota is in safe hands and having a lot more fun than myself and due to Dave’s flexible approach to care if I am ever running late coming home this will never cause any issues. It is clear from Dakota’s reaction to Dave’s van in the morning that she enjoys her daily adventures and can’t wait to head off, this puts my mind at ease before leaving her for the day. I would happily highly recommend Dave and the service he provides
— Lisa Johnson
I cannot recommend David highly enough. He excels with his flexibility and individual and personal service that many companies could only dream about providing. Really friendly, efficient service from someone who genuinely love animals. He takes the stress out of having to leave our dog Elsie at home alone and she always returns tired after lots of interaction with his other dogs and from the lovely walks. Hope we and Elsie always have David around, we’d be lost without him! Jan Felton Training Unlimited
— Jan Felton
Buster has been to stay with Dave quite a few times while we have been on holiday. Buster is always so excited to hear Dave’s van pull up as he knows he is going to have a great time. Lots of fresh air, other doggy friends to play with, lots of fun and plenty of love. Buster has always been collected by Dave from our home and then returned again once we are back. Buster does not even know we have been away and thus does not seem to miss us, but is very happy to see us again when he gets home. On one occasion Buster was ill while we were away, but this was not a problem as Dave took him to our usual vet to get treated. Dave kept us up to date of his progress and we were very confident Buster was being well looked after. We have no hesitation to recommend Liverpool Animal Minding as we trust them 100% with our four legged family member. Many heart felt thanks from Stella and a big lick from Buster
— stella albert
Dave has looked after my cats several times for both short and longer spells. The cats were happy, well-fed and comfortable. When I came back, they ignored me - waiting for Dave to come and play with them! When one of them was ill, Dave made sure she was given her pill every day. I felt confident leaving them with him and enjoyed his texts updating me on how they were doing. I would suggest this service to anyone who wants to enjoy a break and have their animal(s) looked after professionally in their own home.
— Sue Heaton
Dave recently looked after our cats-more than your average number-for two weeks while we travelled away. A couple of my cats have very particular needs-two are feral and one has IBS- but nothing was too much trouble for him. The cats were well cared for and everything was left clean and tidy. Dave was extremely professional and very sensitive to their different dispositions. He went above and beyond the usual care-also feeding our hedgehog and filling the bird feeders in the garden. Sometimes its difficult to leave the care of your pets in the hands of others but we would have no qualms about leaving our pets in his care again. We highly recommend his service and will use it again in the future, knowing our cats are in safe care and allowing us peace of mind to get on and enjoy our travels. Thanks Dave and the team!
— From Claire and Ian Burbridge
Dave and Caroline regularly walk our two dogs, fitting in flexibly with our erratic schedules. The knowledge that our beloved dogs are in safe, reliable and competent hands gives us complete peace of mind when we can’t be there to walk them ourselves. There are very few people we would entrust our dogs to, not least because they do have some health and behavioural issues but Dave and Caroline truly love and understand animals and their breadth of knowledge and experience together with their genuine interest and concern, gives us complete confidence in their ability to meet our dogs needs and manage any situation that may arise. We recommend Liverpool Animal Minding unreservedly and cannot praise the service highly enough
— Alison Jennings


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